/ˈfriwil / (say 'freeweel)

1. an overrunning clutch device in connection with the transmission gearbox of a motor vehicle which automatically disengages the drive shaft whenever it tends to rotate more rapidly than the shaft driving it.
2. a form of rear bicycle wheel which has a device freeing it from the driving mechanism, as when the pedals are stopped in coasting.
verb (i)
3. to coast in a motor vehicle, bicycle, etc., with the wheels disengaged from the driving mechanism.
4. Colloquial to act independently, particularly in personal, social matters.
5. Colloquial to discuss matters or to act in a wideranging, uninhibited manner, as of a politician.
6. of or relating to a freewheel device: a freewheel bicycle.
7. in a manner involving a freewheel device: he was racing down the hill freewheel.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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